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Explore the Future of Corrosion Management with AlloySelect’s Cloud-Based Software

In the evolving landscape of corrosion engineering, finding robust and reliable software to predict and manage corrosion risks is crucial. Honeywell has long been at the forefront with its suite of corrosion prediction tools, including Predict, Socrates, and Strategy-A, designed to address specific challenges in the industry. While these tools set the standard, the quest for more accessible and cost-efficient solutions has led to the development of, a pioneering cloud-based corrosion management platform.

Honeywell’s Corrosion Prediction Tools: A Brief Overview

  • Predict 7.1: Offers advanced capabilities to forecast carbon steel corrosion and erosion in CO2 and H2S environments.
  • Socrates 10.0: A comprehensive CRA material selection system tailored for corrosive oil and gas applications.
  • Strategy-A 4.0: Assists in evaluating hydrogen-induced cracking risks, enhancing asset integrity management.

Despite the sophistication of Honeywell’s offerings, the requirement for demos and the potential high cost of full-version licenses necessitate exploring alternative solutions that provide both efficiency and economic viability.

Introducing AlloySelect: A Cloud-Based Innovation

AlloySelect emerges as a game-changer in corrosion rate software, delivering a suite of tools designed for the modern corrosion engineer. Here’s what makes AlloySelect stand apart:

  • Advanced Corrosion Rate Calculations: Utilizes a modified de Waard-Milliams model to accurately predict CO2 corrosion rates, incorporating H2S effects and a proprietary pH model.
  • Comprehensive Materials Selection: Facilitates the selection of corrosion-resistant alloys for sour service applications, ensuring compliance with NACE MR0175, API 6A, API 5CT, and more.
  • Accessibility and Compatibility: With no installation required, AlloySelect is accessible on any device with internet connectivity, compatible across major operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

AlloySelect vs. Traditional Corrosion Software

AlloySelect is not just another corrosion assessment tool. It represents a leap forward in making corrosion management more accessible and affordable:

  • Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging laboratory data and validated with real-world oilfield data, AlloySelect provides reliable corrosion predictions.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Offers a significant cost advantage over traditional software, eliminating the need for expensive licenses and yearly subscriptions.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for immediate access with no long-term commitments, AlloySelect ensures that sophisticated corrosion management is just a few clicks away.

Shaping the Future of Corrosion Management

As the industry continues to seek more efficient and cost-effective solutions for corrosion management, stands out as a beacon of innovation. By offering a comprehensive, cloud-based platform that addresses the critical needs of corrosion engineers, AlloySelect is poised to redefine the standards of corrosion rate analysis and materials selection.

Ready to transform your approach to corrosion management? Explore AlloySelect today and join the future of corrosion engineering.

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with alloyselect you can use data from reservoir and operation to check if carbon steel is suitable for your asset. alloyselect uses an Artificial Intelligence algorithm to determine sour service severity, corrosion rates and allowance, pH and other threats to the integrity of your asset.


alloyselect uses AI algorithms to identify suitable materials from a library of more than 300 different carbon and low alloy steels, cast irons and corrosion resistant alloys. alloyselect library of codes and standards is continuously updated to comply with regulatory requirements.


alloyselect helps you verify a selected material complies with one or more industry standards. AI algorithms analyse chemical, mechanical and processing data from Material Certificates to verify compliance with code and standards such as NACE MR0175, API 5CT and API6A

AI Technology

Artificial Intelligence technology implemented for materials selection decision making. alloyselect helps you evaluate, select and verify materials.


you can access alloyselect from any online device. Use mobile, tablet or desktop to calculate corrosion rates and select materials.

Continuously updated

alloy select is continuously updated to make sure all AI decisions are in accordance with the latest revisions of codes and standards.

Email and Print Reports

prepare reports to validate and document your materials selection. analize materials certificates and export your results.

Secured Data

we do not store your personal and project data . alloyselect AI algorithm is based on secure cloud technology protecting your valuable information.

Technical Support

we have a live webchat to support you and guide you through your materials selection. Our team of materials engineers is here to help you.


using AI, alloy select helps you select materials for production and injection wells, pipelines and processing facilities.


alloy select incorporates offshore standards like DNV RP F112, UK HSE guidelines to prevent chloride induced stress corrosion cracking.