Excel Macro Nightmare – NORSOK M-506 the Innocent Victim

You’re midway through calculating the CO2 Corrosion Rate of a project on NORSOK M-506:2017 and boom, it crashes.

“An unexpected error has occurred in procedure 102!”.

“The user interface will close down. Start-up again by choosing ‘Tools’”.

Fantastic. Anyone using the NORSOK M-506:2017 macro software will be familiar with this frustrating occurrence, likely to have been the result of a Microsoft Excel update. So instead of calculating, you’re stuck wasting your time searching for error codes on google.

There have been reports that macros are no longer compatible with the new security regulations of Excel. This could have impacted NORSOK M-506:2017 and the previous revisions like NORSOK M-506:2005. In other words, it’s outdated software. At alloyselect, we bypassed this old-fashioned hurdle by offering a cloud-based application to our clients. Due to its nature, alloyselect is fully customizable to suit your branding needs, with regular updates to ensure a pain-free, seamless user-friendly experience.

Our price plan is flexible to suit your needs, with 24-hour, monthly and yearly access plans.

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